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Know the special food of Palembang (Pempek)

Written By Saya Salingbagi on Senin, 26 Mei 2014 | 5/26/2014 09:09:00 AM

Pempek is special food of Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. This food is made from tapioca flour and fish flour. This food will be perfect when eaten with cuko (spicy sauce made ​​from cayenne pepper and brown sugar). Pempek have diverse types and flavor, this is some type of pempek summarized:

Pempek Pistel
This pempek contains papaya fruit sliced ​​and dried shrimp or shrimp rebon.

Pempek Lenjer
pempek long oval shaped and has long been admired by many. before eating, should be sliced ​​into small pieces first, and usually let more delicious fried.

Pempek Telur (egg)

Similar with Pistel, but this pempek contains egg Pempek Kapal Selam

Pempek Adaan/bulat (oval Pempek)

Everyone must know the shape of an oval, so did pempek usually fried. pempek is always present in a variety of daily activities Palembang citizen.

Pempek Panggang (Bake Pempek)

True to its name (pempek Bake) pempek this course in grilled, and stuffed with shrimp in it rebon cayenne pepper and let it tasted more spicy.

Pempek Keriting

 Its unique shape curly-curly shaped like crackers, so citizen also call it the pempek Palembang crackers or Mie.

Pempek Kulit

 Practically pempek pempek skin because it is made from fish skin.

Pempek Belah

 If this pempek must always exist in a variety of selling snacks in Palembang. even in other cities in Indonesia, with a different name.

Pempek Tahu 

 Most of the filling of this pempek is tahuso called with pempek tahu.

Pempek Lenggang 

 similar like a pempek grilled, baked pempek lenggang well, it's just bigger and dominant with eggs. Pempek is baked in a banana leaf and baked to cook and flavor lenggang come out.

Pempek Kapal Selam
 much like pempek egg, only it is much larger pempek.

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  1. Saya tertarik dengan tulisan anda mengenai Pempek.
    pempek adalah makanan khas palembang yang terbuat dari ikan dan sagu. Bumbu pempek yang berwarna hitam kecoklat-coklatan yang biasa disebut cuka atau cuko dalam bahasa palembang.
    Saya juga mempunyai tulisan yang sejenis yang bisa anda kunjungi di
    Informasi Seputar Indonesia


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